Business overview

At the Japanet Group, we operate a mail-order business and a sports and regional revitalization business with a desire to deliver the joy of living in the moment.

Business system chart

Business system chart

Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Overall Group personnel strategy, accounting strategy, PR strategy, management strategy including information system development, and advertising planning and production of videos and graphics
  • Back-office operations for the overall Group

Japanet Takata Co., Ltd.

  • Buying products
  • Production of content for shopping media (TV, radio, paper media and e-commerce sites)
  • Product marketing

Japanet Media Agency Co., Ltd.

  • Media buying
  • Media marketing

Japanet Communications Co., Ltd.

  • Accepting purchase requests and accepting inquiries before and after purchases
  • Accepting inquiries about after-sales services
  • Analyzing the content of inquiries and improving products

Japanet Logistics Service Co., Ltd.

  • Shipment of products and provision of delivery and installation services for large-sized products
  • Maintenance and visit services for specified products
  • Repair and replacement of products and operations related to product returns

Japanet Tourism Co., Ltd.

  • Travel business

Yuko Yuko Inc.

  • Travel business:Arranged travel for accomodation in Japan
  • Accepting inquiries about travel services
  • Advertising sales business

Japanet America Inc.

  • Travel business in the United States
  • Sponsor sales and attracting events of Nagasaki StadiumCity

Japanet Service Innovation Co., Ltd.

  • Credit card and cashless payment business and planning of other payments
  • Electricity retail business (registration number: A0673)
  • Planning of new services

Japanet Water Co., Ltd.

  • Production of natural mineral water
  • Planning water servers
  • Production of craft beer (plan)

Japanet Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

  • Scheduling programs on the company's own broadcast satellite (BS) channel and broadcasting operations
  • Planning programs for broadcast, production of programs, procurment and sales
  • Leasing and maintenance management of broadcasting and recording studios


  • Operation of a football club and staging of games
  • Management of players and development of the next generation of players and children

Nagasaki Velca Co., Ltd.

  • Operation of the basketball club and staging of games
  • Management of players and development of the next generation of players and children

Regional Creation Nagasaki Co., Ltd.

  • Business strategy and planning related to regional revitalization business
  • Planning and operation of Nagasaki Stadium City

Regional X Nagasaki Co., Ltd.

  • Planning and operation of events

Regional Foods Nagasaki Co., Ltd.

  • Restaurant business
  • Catering business