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Delivering memorable moment and new encounters

In 2017, the Japanet Group was licensed as a Class 1 Travel Operator and began full-scale sales of Japanet Cruise tours, its original product.We plan and operate cruise tours in pursuit of the hospitality that only Japanet can provide, with a desire to enable customers to experience new encounters and new excitement through the cruise tours.

Polishing and communicating information about good items which have yet to be discovered

Refining and communicating information about good items which have yet to be discovered
At Japanet, we value the activities of polishing good items buried around the world and communicating their value as much possible, instead of selling products as mere items.Cruise tours, which we began to consider in response to an employee suggestion, are really good products that match our desires at Japanet, although their appeal has yet to be fully communicated in Japan. Therefore, we acquired a license as a Class 3 Travel Operator, which permits contract sales of organized tours, and began to sell the tours in 2016. The tours received a great response.
Therefore, in 2017 we acquired a Class 1 Travel Operator license which enables to organize and operate tours on our own, fully entering the tour business. We polish cruise tours into more satisfactory products and propose the enjoyment of cruises with the unique services and planning of Japanet.

Akito Takata, Japanet’s representative director, has boarded the cruise ships many times and experienced the services and atmosphere. He thought about what could be changed to increase customers’ enjoyment of the tours together with employees, and shared detailed improvements.We have continued to polish tour planning and services on our own to enable the tours to provide greater satisfaction to more customers.To reflect our passion in the production of programs, our TV presenters also go on the cruise tours and experience the services to communicate their appeal to customers.

Tour Japan on a large cruise ship

Tour Japan on a large cruise ship
With a desire to deliver cruise tours to more customers, in July 2017 we chartered a block of 1,000 guest rooms on a ship which was scheduled to depart in May 2018, and offered the tour in a TV home shopping program.In October, we fully chartered the ship and planned and offered a completely original cruise tour for 3,500 passengers. Both of these tours received a great response and were sold out.

Delivering surprise and excitement that can only be created by Japanet

Delivering surprise and excitement that can only be created by Japanet
Through Japanet Cruise, we offer an array of unique services.For example, we distribute a Complete Cruise Guidebook Ports of Call which shares information about restaurants and shopping places in the ports of call, and provide a free bus tour of the recommended tourist attractions in each port of call. In addition to providing these unique services that consider the customer, we display signs in Japanese in the foreign-owned ship, add dishes suited to the plates of the Japanese customers, and offer other extra services with careful attention to the everyday details, something only Japanet can provide.We also plan onboard events that will enable customers to interact and become friends with each other. Thus, we pursue the hospitality that only Japanet can provide to enable customers to enjoy the cruise tours more.At the Japanet Group, we will continue to take on challenges to make customers’ moments richer by refining the amazingness of cruise tours and communicating information about it.