To fill the everyday lives of customers, clients, employees, and all others involved with the joy of living in the now, through communicating to the world convenience and thrill, the excitement of an enriching life, the pride in living in a community and the joy of sharing happy moments.


Japanet POLICY

Discover, Polish and Communicate

At Japanet, we value three activities: the discovery of the really good stuff which exists in the world, the refining of things into better products or services from our unique point of view and steadily communicating essence.
We focus on businesses that can create added value unique to Japanet by discovering, polishing, and communicating in a form we believe to be correct.


Japanet WAY

Careful selection and concentration

We single out the really good stuff and further polish the good

Channel mix

We deliver important messages through a variety of connecting places with the best way of delivery

Doing everything on our own

We enhance value and take overall responsibility for quality by doing as much as we can in-house

High-speed PDCA

We start immediately, constantly readjust, and continue to improve with speed

Ability to imagine customers' feelings thoroughly

We always envision the customer and pay careful attention to detail to impress and exceed expectations



Friendly and stoic

Japanet employees value both the warmth of considering customers and colleagues as family and our stoic nature of earnestly working towards an ideal.


  1. Greeting with smiles
  2. Following rules
  3. Carefully considering and taking action with a sense of ownership
  4. Focusing on highly productive methods
  5. Taking action with good ideas and seeing it through


  1. Taking on challenges without fear of change
  2. Striving with humility
  3. Communicating ideas pleasantly while envisioning the other side's position
  4. Trusting colleagues and creating new value together
  5. Enjoying the now while aiming for a brighter future