Message from Top Management

photograph:Representative Director, President and CEO Akito Takata

Takata Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Japanet, was established in 1986 by our founder, Akira Takata.

As the mail-order business continues to expand, we have been certain that Japanet exists to serve people who desire to buy good products but find it hard to choose from the products flooding the world, by discovering products and services using Japanet’s own criteria, polishing them thoroughly to enhance their appeal, and communicating their appeal to the world.
I believe that many customers of Japanet did not plan to purchase goods on the day but once they know our selling items via TV, magazine, even radio they start wanting to buy them.
This is why each one of the employees of our Group companies is increasing their efforts to deliver the joy of living in the moment by imagining customers’ feelings with a commitment to selecting products which will never make customers regret buying them and providing thorough support.

In 2019, we launched the sports and regional revitalization business as our second core business following the mail-order business.
In 2017, we began to manage the V-VAREN NAGASAKI professional football club in Nagasaki, where we are headquartered. This business has increased our desire to revitalize the region.
In 2020, we established NAGASAKI VELCA, the first professional basketball club in Nagasaki. The club will join the B. LEAGUE in the 2021-2022 season.
In the Nagasaki Stadium City Project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2024, we have announced a plan to construct a stadium, an arena, a hotel, an office building and commercial facilities in Nagasaki City.
We are resolved to advance this project as a private enterprise, applying our ability to imagine customers’ feelings thoroughly which we have cultivated through the mail-order business while improving the speed and accuracy of our decision-making. Thus, we aim to be an entity which can revitalize first Nagasaki, and eventually the entire country.

Regarding the work environment of our employees, our slogan is “Work earnestly in a warm, friendly atmosphere.” We aim to be an ideal company where employees can be highly productive working for customers and their co-workers and enjoy their own personal development. We want to be a company capable of creating an environment and providing support that enables employees to have fulfilling personal lives.

Our mission is to combine the thinking of various business partners and people from local communities, who create superb products, with the thinking of our employees and to be a company capable of providing services which make more customers feel that their lives have been enriched and feel the joy of living in the moment.
All of us will continue to endeavor to deliver more of the joy of living in the moment by improving our comprehensive capabilities as a company while maximizing our strength that we have cultivated to date.

Akito Takata President & CEO

Akito Takata